Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kiss a Wookiee, Kick a Droid

First, it was zombies. Then, Lord of the Rings. And now, my dear friends, a "new menace" strikes back.

Yep, STAR WARS. All six episodes in one week baby!

(To enhance the wonderful experience of reading this blog post, may I suggest turning on The Main Theme of Star Wars by John Williams for reading entertainment)

A lot of incredible feelings and changes have overcome me in these last 7-8 days when we decided to embark on this quest. Cori and I discovered that Bryn had only seen one of the six episodes, and even then only parts of it. So to fix this monstrosity, we started our STAR WARS MOVIE MARATHON.

It took about ten minutes before we realized we were missing an essential: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. So we set out on a journey on a Saturday evening seeking out this movie. Our Star Wars Excursion had many interesting twists and turns, including the sales guy at Wal-Mart offering us Dark Side skittles to try that he had behind his desk.

From the excursion we gained many valuable one-liners such as:
  • "Will dance for Star Wars."
  • (In Yoda voice) "HmmmmMMMMMMMmm, strange it is.
And later from the movie marathon, we gained more nerdy Star Wars inside jokes such as:
  • "On a scale of 1 to Yoda, how many midichlorians do YOU have?"
  • Cori trading her car in for Obi-Wan's lizard-bird ride thing from Episode 3.
  • Explaining to Bryn the importance of watching the opening moving screen and how it's in every single Star Wars movie.

And the constant singing of this:

And this:

I've learned many valuable lessons through watching Star Wars these last 7-8 days. Such as, don't give in to feelings of hate. And, the dark side will not bring loved ones back to life, it will probably choke them. As well as, what midichlorians are, the planets of Star Wars, how being a Jedi is pretty close to being a Catholic monk and who Master Sifo-Dyas is. My life is now deeply nurtured with a better understanding of a very important part of our American heritage.

And in other news, my Star Wars brackets were totally wrong. This was a serious matter, my friends, while others were out watching big basketball games, I was checking back everyday and voting on different computers for Star Wars characters.

After watching the six episodes, Yoda probably rightly deserved to win. My bet was on Chewy winning ( a new strategy - "let the Wookiee win") against Darth Vadar, but I underestimated the epic awesomeness of the green Muppet, apparently.

I'm trying to decide how to close this blog post. Seeing as a recent infographic informed me that my Star Wars career would be Jedi Knight (and now that I have plunged myself into epic proportions of nerd-dom, I want you all to know I'm proud of it), I guess it's appropriate to part with this farewell:

May the force be with you!

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