Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Ethics

So I took this quiz.

And after taking it, I began to question some of my values.

Some questions were very easy to answer: if I was stuck in a mall during the zombie apocalypse, of course I would run to the gun store. No question.

Weapon of choice? A shotgun of course.

But then a few made me really search my soul:

For example, one asked what I would do if a group of survivors were banging on the door and one was infected, I probably wouldn't let them in. Just keep running, man!

But then the quiz came to questions about loved ones, would I drive 20 miles into to town to see if they're safe. Um, I would like to say yes, but I think in reality I would probably take the flight approach for almost every situation. Not to mention other factors might affect my decision-making process. For example, do cellphones work in a post-apocalyptic society? I would just call them to see if they're alright, and if they're saying "brraaaaiiinnns" into the speaker, I'll just go save my own skin.

So many factors to consider.

I've watched some Walking Dead, at least as much as my stomach could handle, and I was deeply fascinated by each person's approach to their post-normal lives. Some took a "kill all the zombies and don't trust anybody" approach while others took a "that's still my wife even if she's trying to suck my brains out so I'll keep her locked in a barn" approach. Me? I'm just taking a "just keep running until you don't see a zombie and shoot any from far away" approach. I'm living in a tree man and not coming down unless it's really important.

I mean, yes, I care about my family and friends, and I would like to say that I'd take the heroic, noble approach of helping them out because I do love them. And love is probably still more important than living. But I get this feeling, that, if we're all thinking the same way, we might all look at each other and say "Good luck, hope to see you not undead when this is all over." It might be better just not knowing if your BFF is infected or not.

In another zombie apocalypse test, it asked what I would do if the love of my life was infected. REALLY? You want me to search deep in my soul and decide what I would do under tremendous amounts of stress and fear????

I got to say, if the apocalypse was right now, I highly doubt I would know if the love of my life was actually the love of my life. (Very different from being married for 10+ years)

And maybe the "love of my life" wouldn't be the love of my life if he was undead. What if I like a totally different type of man in the apocalypse? What if after months of running in the forest eating tree bark and pigeons a Genghis-Khan hunter type looks a million times better for a mating companion than the stereotypical specsy guys I like now?

It's survival of the fittest at its finest, folks. Intelligence is probably still important, but you'll need good feet to keep your brains from being sucked out of your head.

Perhaps I have been over thinking this and dreamt too many nightmares about the zombie apocalypse.

Most of my answers made me conclude that I would probably become some super-ripped crazy hermit chick, because I often chose being alone and avoiding any dangerous group decisions.

I don't know. I'm not so sure I would actually survive a zombie apocalypse for 380 days.

Not emotionally.

Then again, maybe I could.

Take the quiz and let me know how you did. 


  1. 368 here. You have got a couple of weeks on me. To be fair, I think I might have had my answers affected by yours at least a little bit (and I don't think I did nearly as much soul-searching as you did, lol).

  2. 372! Woot woot!
    This post made me giggle a lot :P I miss you!!! Hope everything's going great in AZ!