Sunday, October 26, 2008

Homecoming, Spiritual Enlightment, and One Crazy Week

Dear Bloggy,

Wow has the month of October been psychotic.
To start this crazy month it was Homecoming week...and I'm already forgetting our fairly lame spirit days, but they were every day until Homecoming. We had: 80's
The Day date and the dance were both fun. My date was very fun. I'm very glad that I got to go. We did a picture scavenger hunt the week before and then the dance's theme was "Out of This World", which was kind of weird, but whatever. I got to wear my favorite color combination: green a black. Courtesy of Mother Superior. Hair courtesy of sister superior. And uh...everything else courtesy of Tyler (my date) or Father Superior.
The Football Game was really boring, I should've worked at it because my friends were all in Utah instead of watch a game where we won 40-something to zero (yeah, we're going to state).

Mom and I at the game. She so kindly worked in order to contribute to Austria, even though she was under the gun with dresses.
Then this month has been pyscho on a educative perspective. I'm busy applying for BYU, BYU-Idaho, Northern Arizona University, and ASU.
Then this week had many odds in ends that made it weird. First of all, ACT this Saturday. Probably my most important one that is going to ALL of the above stated Universities. So I spent every waking moment when I wasn't doing something reading a 200 page study guide book. I felt like I did very well. I hope my score goes up, or else I will be sad.
Then it was also Temple Week in Seminary. Seminary all together was crazy. So Friday we had this group project thing where we read some scriptures and get a principle from it, then we teach it to the class with a visual aid. Well, my group's was all over the place because I didn't know what our subject was and the guys organized it. Anyway, another group brought in a fog machine...which had no relevance to their principle. So I spent all of the classtime in a fogged up class and laughing so hard because Brother Burnham in the back had a "oh brother" kind of face and a huge concern that a smoke alarm would go off or something. That was special.

Then Saturday after I took the ACT, after I finished a five page essay about Siddhartha and finding spiritual enlightenment, and after I finished ASL homework, I went to a Halloween party. It was fun, until the end when some guy came running back and said, "Hey, who had the red truck?"
Long story short the truck now has a few nice big scratches in the back-left corner, but fortunately nothing else happened. The girl who hit it had it worse, and she has only had her license for two weeks.
Heh, story of my life: if anything can go wrong, it will.

So after this chaotic week I resolved that maybe going to the temple was a very good idea.

And here's one of my government projects (random, yes). Here's a little taste of where I use my creative outlets. (Yes, that's Hillary yelling at Bill while he's mowing the lawn in front of the Whitehouse)
Now I just need Halloween to top the cherry on top. :)

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