Thursday, February 18, 2010

All the Inevitables and the Unknowns

Dear Bloggy,

I have come to terms with myself that I am probably going to be on campus all day. Therefore I am on a mental break right now because Accounting homework induces headaches (from concentrating on the computer screen too long).

But that's ok, fifth floor humanities reference section is not so bad.

18/19 is a very interesting age. I have been observing all the massive changes going with not only myself but everybody around me. A huge amount of girls that I have known since high school that are year older than me are married or engaged. And some my age are engaged now too. Almost every guyfriend I know will have been shipped out into the mission field before you know it. Close friends have made major life decisions that not even themselves saw coming.

And at the same time for some of us not much may have changed at all. We keep going in a path that was inevitably laid for us. Sure, we change, but it seems the world around us isn't turning upside down too badly...
Except everybody around us is going through major changes!

I can't help but worry for the good number of girls getting married soon. There are few that I see and totally trust that this is the best decision they are making. Others I watch and wonder if they know what they are getting into. I might not be the person to judge but I have observed all my older siblings in marriages and I can say I am grateful from what I have learned watching them.

As I get older, and watch people get engaged and married, I can't help but think frequently, "I hope they will be able to overcome difficulties and stay happy together" and not get divorced. This is why most young marriages distress me. If I know that the people are completely soundly-minded, then I don't worry, but maturity isn't in favor for most of us teenagers.

So to all those thinking I am a bitter single marriage hater, I am not. Infact, congrats on finding your true love and making that major decision. Love is a miracle.

I just hope that you guys will continue to love each other when life gets bitter or dissapointing, that you will be able to not regret your decision later and not desire to leave each other because of major differences you didn't think would occur, and that you will learn to love each other more as you get older with age, not love each other less. You are participating in one of the noblest things this world has to offer, love, so don't forget or neglect it.

As for the rest of us who probably aren't participating in the last paragraph, there's still so much to look forward to. I know this very moment doesn't look so exciting with its layers of film papers to write, midterms to study and take, and accounting lessons to watch, and feeling like you are completely trapped studying in the library, just to come home and know you get to go to bed and do it all over again.
But the future is bright. As bright as you make it. The best things in life are the things you go for, not what you impatiently wait to happen. Just look at how far you have come, isn't it remarkable?

I know I have come a long long way and it just baffles me. I know I have a long long way to go. Life is about the journey, not the destination. So I am told.

Carpe Diem then?


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