Friday, March 26, 2010

Appearances Can Be Deceiving...and With Good Reason

I have generally believed that it is always best to be yourself.

Having friends stay overnight can expose much. I learned this when my dear friend R.A.J. stayed the night last Thursday.

We have had sleepovers in the past, we have chatted at late hours of the night, and we have been friends since my awkward years in Junior High. So I figured I didn't have anything she would be shocked by when she stayed, right?

When we were getting ready for bed, we were washing our faces and stuff she asked for toothpaste. I casually pulled out my signature nice-brand whitening kind, thinking I had good taste in toothpaste (no pun or rhyme scheme intended). Well, she kind of laughs and cringes not only at my chaotic drawer, but also at my toothpaste! Well, I will tell you why my toothpaste repulsed her. I had lost the cap some months ago and never cared to find it again. Therefore the toothpaste squirted out and dried, making it difficult not to exchange my germs with her and making it crusty and difficult to use.

So I couldn't help but crack up at the monster growing out of my Crest tube. Also laughing, R.A.J. says, "I always imagined you a bit more cleaner and organized than this."

I just laughed more in response and didn't think much about it at the time.

But then it crossed my mind, Perhaps I have presented myself very differently from how I am on the inside.

Tied to being yourself, I believe strongly that you should present yourself in the most positive manner.

And odd enough that statement RAJ made about me made me very happy. I present myself as put-together, that sounds nice. So now I just wonder....what else do people think when they see and meet me?

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