Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lounging in the Back of my Mind

It's that time of year know, the part of the school year where it starts to get warm and all I can think about is how wonderful SUMMER VACATION is going to be and how nice it would be to go outside without having a particular schedule in mind. Or in other words, FREEDOM.

Well, there's those stereotypical types of fantasies that anybody may have about summer... long beach trips, parties every night, summer romance, etc...

Oh man, those sound pretty good.

Except I have learned from the past that sometimes too much fun over the summer can lead to bizarre repercussions when you get back to a scheduled school life.
Anywho, for this summer I have taken a very realistic, lowest expectation approach to my summer vacation, but even at its lowest expectations sounds great, so let me tell you what I am sitting daydreaming about occasionally in my head about summer:

  • Working FULL time (as many hours as I can handle, baby!) and seeing my bank account increase much much faster than it is right now so I can afford college and so I can also afford...

  • Fun! By that I mean primarily clothes, but also a few concerts, shows, things just to get out and see things. Take advantage of being able to go places that are farther away than two three miles.
  • Vintage Shopping! Something about spending my time browsing through Thrift stores, Buffalo Exchange, and letting my crazy artistic imagination just be thrown up on to my future clothes without getting funny looks at what I perceive as boring practical Utahers. I do miss the frivolity of Arizona every now and then!
  • Go swimming and lay out in the sun shine by the pool and let the water just evaporate off of me.
  • Eat hummus and chips, eat lots of watermelon and corn, eat fresh produce, and not have to worry about the food budget because I am under the roofs of my parentals residence.
  • My parentals and the rest of the fam.
  • Wearing airy summer dresses and lightest of layers type of clothes.
  • The family gym, Mountainside weight machines and yoga here I come!
  • Not stressing about homework and grades.
  • Eating a popsicle with pop.
yeah, that's about it. I just want the simple joys of summer, not too much to ask?


  1. That sounds like a pretty amazing summer plan :)

  2. I like that plan... You should add hanging out with me, specifically to it though. I miss you so darn much.