Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

Hello Bloggy World!

My name is H.M. (you all know it). I'm approximately two decades old, blond hair, green eyes, five feet four inches tall, (1) size 7D high arched Nike Pegasus style shoes, and currently pretty tiny. (2) I can play the whole Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano (and sing the whole song), (3) I've played The Final Countdown on the violin, (4) I just learned "Unintended" on guitar, and I played that creepy Bach organ number on- you got it- the (4) organ. (5) I like virtually any music that can have the classification of "rock" in it, and (6) my Ipod has informed me for the tenth time that it's too full to put any more music on it. I am a thoroughbred junkie to the soul of music. (7) Most of what I'm wearing is second-hand store bought (probably 75% at this point), except underwear that's gross. (8) I'm working on getting into the Public Relations program at my university, so I'm focusing on completing my management minor as we speak. (9) I love art because I have drawn since I was four, but I currently use my clothes as my artistic outlet.

Yep, this is me with my newest nephew at my sister's wedding. (10) I have 10.5 similar to him (well, most are a different gender). If you didn't notice, I have a epic bruise in that picture, that's because (11) I picked up a old love of rock climbing the weekend before, but it may have also come from an epic four games of lazer tag at this arcade.

So here are some interesting facts about me:
(12) I ate octopus. Twice. I think I'm allergic to it, or maybe my body just repudiates it.
(13) I'm seriously allergic to shellfish. Seriously.
(14) I'm quite the little writer. But not the kind you're thinking. I own three point five blogs and two secret journals (online and on paper) in addition to writing articles for my Media Writing and Management class weekly. I wanted to be a writer when I was ten.
(15) I also wanted to be a geologist when I was nine. I collected rocks.

Yep, there's day one.



    Oh, how I love Jackson. Did you ever get that lecture?

  2. Yes, we lived and breathed REPUDIATE, I think it's a standard lecture :P

  3. Awesome. That was probably my favorite lecture right there. Because it was really more of a rant that he got really into.