Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 4: Your family

Ok, so I have a ridiculously huge family. This would be a side affect of being Mormon perhaps. I have two parents, five older siblings, five siblings-in-law (as of Thursday), and 10.5 nieces and nephews. I really love my family, every family dinner is an adventure. Let me tell you a quick quip of my family.

Dad: we joking call him "the grumpy old man", but he's really not - except for when the house has a vacant supply of chocolate or popsicles. My dad does business strategy and likes to ride his bicycle ridiculous amounts of miles. My dad and I like to talk about fitness and business a whole lot and he has always been incredibly supportive of whatever wholesome interest I pursue.

Mom: my mom is really funny, we probably tease her too much. She's teaching special education and somedays it feels like she's totally different from my dad. My dad is the mathy-analytical type and my mom is the humanitarian-humanities relationship oriented type, she's always giving up of herself for my huge family, my parents are really wonderful people.

Oldest sister S: she is probably the kindest sibling in the whole family, though we have a huge age gap she has always demonstrated an interest in every sibling's life and cared about their happiness, she is a awesome yoga instructor too, watch out she's tougher than she looks!

Oldest brother R: Somedays I feel like I am almost the girl version of my brother R. My dad makes quips that we have similar sense of humor, I usually like the same music artists he does, and we look a whole lot a like. My brother has a cool lawyer investigator job right now and plays the guitar awesomely, he taught me how to play which I am very grateful for.

Older brother N: N is a cool brother, he's really funny and sometimes I feel like he's the glue of our family connections, he's very good at talking in peaceful terms with each and every sibling in the house, he's a supply-chain manager and always finds ways to fill his time wholesomely, he's a great example.

Older sister C: C has been one of the siblings I've surprisingly had a closer relationship to than most of my other siblings, she's has been an awesome older sister to me. She has consistently inspired me to develop myself emotionally and motivated me to take care of myself physically. She is graduating with an MBA soon and doing marketing, we become more similiar with age.

Not as old as N but older brother T:
T is also been one of my closest siblings seeing as he is one of the only siblings I can remember growing up in the same house with. T also lives the closest to me during the school year, and is always incredibly caring and helpful with my lack of transportation and food. T has a very good heart and I am grateful for when he stands up to me. He does programming, and is very good at it.

Siblings-in-Law: Some of these siblings-in-law have been around for a very long time and they have been fun additions to our family. I'm am grateful for the joy they provide in my siblings' lives and the memories we share every crazy family dinner or holiday.

Nieces and Nephews: I had a hard time initially when the first few came along and I was a punky pre-teen and teenager, but with age I have grown to really really love them. They make me laugh,make me feel greatly appreciated, and loved at times when I really needed it. I really enjoy playing with them because they keep me in perspective and prevent me from facing child-deprivation, haha.

My family members are so incredibly different from each other, but at the end of the day I find it amazing how we have maintained such close relationships and connections for how diverse we are in our opinions and lifestyles. Families are forever.

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