Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Things I regretted not doing this week thus far:

  • Going to campus yesterday without a coat. And tights. And a hat. Hello blizzard I walked home in with open toed shoes, a skirt, and a light cardigan! Thankfully the Beach Boys helped me forget that I lost circulation in my legs and hands.
  • Not going grocery shopping at all for this week. Pffft, who needs food when you are flying home in a day?
  • Not proofreading my rough draft for my MCOM class. It consisted of a sentence that said, "Companies such as Proctor and Gamble promote new brands to their specific target audiences through"...and that was it. I guess we will never know what Proctor and Gamble does, hahah!
Yeahhhh...sometimes I'm not the smartest crayon in the box. I must think I'm invincible some days or something.

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