Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding

You know, this is a funny entry for me. I already feel uncomfortable talking about it.

There seems to be two types of girls out there: those who have dreamed this up and have it all figured out by age 10, and those who don't really care until the time comes.

I don't dream about my wedding, I barely think about it. I only think about my wedding when I'm at somebody else's, and that's usually a checklist of "Things that worked out well and that I liked about it", and "things that didn't work so well."

But I guess since my sister got married about a month ago and she told me all her plans, and walked through every little detail. And not to mention that people at her wedding were saying to me, "You're next!" it has crossed my mind a lot more.

So let's start with what I am definitely not doing at my wedding from my experience with my five older siblings' weddings or from basic advice:
  • Not having my mom have to sew clothes for every brides' maid and child
  • Not forcing any nieces or nephews to wear super itchy clothes
  • Not having fish that die every few hours at the reception tables
  • Not having my wedding during the holiday season
  • Not paying a lot of money for food or the reception
  • Not having my reception in the gym of a church building if possible
  • Not having spaghetti for a dish
  • Not doing super crazy bridesmaid/groomsmen colors or outfits
  • Not hiring a cheap-looking photographer
  • Not wearing sky-rocket heels, or platforms
  • Not doing a not-temple wedding
  • Not doing an extravagant reception (if I do one)
Yep, otherwise that really haven't thought much pass the clothes to be honest. I just don't want a wedding where I look back and can say what year it was, and I don't want to look at the colors and think "Wow, you were really young and tacky when you chose this all, weren't you?"

Honestly, right now I would probably just steal everything from my sister's wedding, she stole my love for vintage from me, and it would be cheap, but you know - can't exactly get away with that.

Alright, but honestly, here are the few things I honestly want to happen at my wedding:

  • First dance to Frank Sinatra. The music? Frank and his buds (Ella, Louis, etc...) playing throughout the night...
  • With a few other particular favorite quirky Indie love songs that I adore.
  • Lacey but not superly-adorned, dress...kind of like that white dress that Keira Knightley wears in Pride & Prejudice probably, but a bit less casual, ehhh, it's hard to describe! I will know when I try it on.

  • Come to think of it, maybe that hair style too :)
  • Outdoor Spring/Summer reception...
...yeah, the more I talk about this the more I want to go play basketball (which says a lot).

So I'm going to stop, this feels weird because I've been telling myself not to succumb to the Provo culture where it looms in the air and become obsessed with it.

And I'm so convinced right now that a wedding might not be for quite a while, I got a lot of things in my life I need to settle before I jump into this kind of commitment.

I would be a scary 19-year-old bride. I would probably freak.

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