Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lessons Learned upon My Second Year at the Y

Well, I made an entry last year about school so I felt it fair to write another, because even if you don't care, I do, and it makes me happy to read about it.

Here's what I learned:
  • Creativity comes in more forms than just drawing and writing. You can show creativity through math, war strategies, engineering, and the list goes on!
  • On that note, this year I was temporarily an architect, an engineer, a CEO, a human resources manager,a marketing director, a public relations director, a politician ....
  • How to write. Concisely.
  • How to rock the interview and resume process. I think it worked because I got the first job I applied to, thanks MCOM!
  • How social media affects business strategy
  • Cheese and pasta sauce taste freaking delicious on a tortilla
  • How to sing while playing the guitar
  • Fresh-off-the-mission return missionaries can be pretty awkward, nice, but awkward
  • The power of the idea and how peoples' ingenuity and creativity can really make it something awesome
  • Follow your heart, but use your head
  • How to do a half-marathon
  • the Tanner Building is only one of the coolest academic buildings, ever.
  • Don't let a guy micromanage your life
  • Public relations is the major for me :)
  • How to spend my time and effort with the right people
  • Young marriage isn't a bad thing
  • but it's certainly not for me
  • BYU provides incredible opportunities that no where else can
  • Dr. Condoleeza Rice is wicked smart, she plays piano at a concert level, annnnnnnnnnnd she's really conservative (shocker?)
  • Mark Zuckerberg perpetually lives in hoodies (also, shocker?), and he believes strongly in innovation and encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Mt. Everest is in Kathmandu, which is the capital of Nepal
  • How to work the weird academic political system of that which we call our grades
  • Shallow people aren't ever worth your time
  • Don't pick roommates because they appear "attractive"
  • How large the world is, but how small the world is relative to connections and relationships
  • Girls aren't that bad, and they can be an awesome alternative to boring boys
  • I am a better person for tapping into my artsy, nerdier side and people can totally love me for it
  • how to make gourmet sandwiches and burritoes
  • Everybody will like you if you don't stand up for anything, but those worthwhile will admire you if you do
  • How to make Subway Breakfast sandwiches
  • Living life without being passionate towards anything is a mediocre life
  • God has a much, much, much bigger plan for me than I have for myself
  • How to use Powerpoint, Excel, and Word 2010
  • "Come Sail Away" is about aliens
  • If you're arm is hurting for four weeks straight, maybe something is wrong with it

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  1. Sounds like you got a pretty excellent education this year :) Maybe there's something to this whole BYU thing...or maybe it's just that you are a pretty epic person!