Saturday, July 16, 2011

the launching of Dormitory Documentary that never launched

Well, my freshman roommate Julianne and I talked big plans. We thought it would be fun to kind of turn our Freshman year into a reality show with my camera, and call it "Dormitory Documentary". Unfortunately we didn't get pass two or three episodes and this is the only one I stumbled upon.

I call it Episode 1: Mr. Spider.

What happened was we found this character here:

In our bathroom. And we argued for a bit about who was going to kill it. I said I didn't want to because I am ok with living with small harmless bugs in our apartment and Julianne said no because she absolutely hates bugs and Mr. Spider was scaring the heebie-geebies out of her.

Well, since she couldn't live with it, and couldn't kill it, I finally agreed to. And here is what we got on film:

But don't fret yet, I wouldn't leave you hanging at the climax. :P

Actually what happened was the camera did only a certain length of movies so I was acting the whole closing to you guys. Mr. Spider was dead already at that point, sorry. Thus why we were so cheesy and giggling the whole time.

Then we took these pictures:

Oh, and the "I got'cha! Ya Nasty!" was a famous quote Julianne said when she killed a super obnoxious fly in the kitchen earlier that year while she was cooking.

There you go, for all of you people wondering what in the world girls do in their apartments the mystery has unfolded right in your hands.

You are welcome.

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