Sunday, November 13, 2011

Junior Year Update, Fall 2011

So here is the latest and the greatest on the wonderful, crazy, remarkable life of this BYU student:
  1. I got accepted into the Public Relations program!!! (Woohoo!)
  2. I will travel to all the following places in the Global Marketing Study Abroad this summer:

Copenhagen, I think.
St. Petersburg
Elephant!!! :)

(the director Professor had me at "Elephant Ride")

3. Um, unemployed! Nonetheless I have spent that gap of time focusing on career skills....which leads to -
4. Taking IT training classes! I have taken Adobe Photshop, Indesign, and Illustrator courses, check out some of my masterpieces from it!

And you can take a peek at my Indesign PDF masterpieces here and here.

I made a sweet page in Flash but I don't know how to transfer it to a website so that will be my next adventure.

As you can see, I have definitely become a graphic design genius! :D

In my dream office I will have the entire Adobe Creative Suite on it, and I can be this cool person who makes cool flyers and stuff.

One day I hope to have a sweet office that looks like one of these:

5. Mission? I don't know, not feeling it yet and not thinking a whole lot about it either. (Let's just go with probably not until further notice)

6. Dating at BYU? Minimal, but not really interested right now. I guess you could say I'm just not over this last summer. ;) Besides, right now is just a good time to focus on developing myself and what I think, believe, and need in my life...

7. So I'm just focusing on being happy. And being more creative. And developing some real friendships. And doing what I love to do more often. And developing a career.

8. Oh, and I have finally got around to watching all the Hiyao Miyasaki films
(well, all that I can find)! They are wonderful - they make my life a little more richer and magical- and the art is stunning:

Yeah, that's it! I am busy, and happy.

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