Friday, January 13, 2012

Sing-Off Season 3

Confession: I've been watching the Sing-off Season three since the school year started. Like, a lot. Via Youtube.

This, this cover is amazing:

And I discovered this one I haven't listened to either that's great:

I think I like it because I have a permanent condition of Jackson Five Fever (and I'm a closet Beyonce lover too).

I got roped in when Vocal Point was on it. And when they didn't make it pass top five I converted to Pentatonix. Seriously, check out Pentatonix if nothing else, they are seriously talented.

And what's not to love about Ben Folds too?

You are welcome NBC for the blatant promotion. However I didn't like anybody besides Pentatonix and Vocal Point (and even then) so I'm not sure I'll be interested in Season 4. 

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