Monday, October 15, 2012

The Senior Year

The update:
  • Applied for graduation in August 2013, walking in April
  • Applying for Edelman internship in Los Angeles this summer
  • Got called to the second relief society presidency as third counselor (what the, what the?)
  • Interning at BYU Records...the record label.
  • Finished volunteering for Rooftop Concert Series, that was a blast
  • Still haven't had my last article for the school paper published (T-t-t-t-today junior!)
  •  Dating? Oh yes.
  • Dropped the whole account executive position in the PR lab, haven't regretted that decision
  • Fell through some steps and went to the ER, almost four weeks later and I'm starting to feel like a normal person in my rib cage again
  •  Got I new, not-pyscho roommate whom I love, major blessing!
  • Went to a lot of concerts.
  • Was in the homecoming parade on Saturday because....
  • I'm still working at the Bookstore!
  • And because of that I have been on the big screen at a couple of the football games against my will
  • Planning on running my third half marathon in about two weeks
  • Have a schweet Halloween costume

1 comment:

  1. What an eventful year! I'm excited to hear about all of these points in detail when we hang out! :)