Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 13: A List of 25 Things You Want To Do In Your Life

Ahem, let me consult my Bucket List...

  1. Have a whirlwind, spontaneous road trip to the California beaches or Las Vegas
  2. Go Spelunking
  3. Reenact Napoleon Dynamite and Kip roller skate-bike ride
  4. See Muse live
  5. Attend a Comicon
  6. Memorize Elegie #3 by Sergei Rachmoninoff
  7. Create art to put up on my wall
  8. Learn how to do a cartwheel
  9. Attend a music, art, or film festival
  10. See Israel
  11. Ride a bike in a park with a skirt on
  12. Attend a rodeo
  13. See Morocco
  14. Slow dance to Frank Sinatra - and the Bee Gee's "How Deep is Your Love"
  15. Zip-line into water
  16. See the Lion King musical again
  17. Do yoga in complete solitude
  18. Kayak in South America
  19. Write a lyrical song
  20. Reenact Spider Man kiss
  21. Attend a carnival 
  22. Go for a run along the beach
  23. Attend New Mexico's Hot Air Balloon Festival
  24. Visit a large aquarium
  25. Ride an elephant through a river

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