Tuesday, March 5, 2013


(Yes, that was deliberately spelled wrong.)

Guys. This. Is. It.

You know what happened today? I picked up my cap and gown. As I held it in my hands, it felt surreal how close it all was. Then the excitement creeped in and I called my mom to ask about graduation announcements. Then I designed my graduation announcement. Then I talked to my sister about graduation.

Four years, guys, wow. What a remarkable adventure this has been.

I keep looking forward and backward and I wanted to share with you want I'm looking forward to and what I'll miss about here.

I will miss:
  • Feeling the spirit on this campus, at work, and in my classes
  • Having the opportunity to see the prophet and apostles in person
  • Running in Provo
  • Rooftop Concert Series
  • Having really bright friends with very intellectually stimulating conversations
  • Having the best girlfriends in the world
  • So many Mormons and good people
  • My BFF's from my Study Abroad
  • My study abroad
  • My BFF's from work, Provo Shore, the like
  • So much accessibility to knowledge and education! Forums, devotionals, guest speakers!
  • Professors who can teach also things of spiritual nature
  • Seasons
  • Walking everywhere
  • Fry sauce
  • International Cinema
  • Religion classes (as opposed to Institute, honestly not the same at all)
  • Free stuff that comes with paying tuition: gym, art exhibit, therapists, software training classes, etc...
  • So much talent from my peers
  • Being best friends with the salt of the earth
  • Not having to be a complete adult and be completely responsible
  • Awesome parks and nature
  • Good wards
  • Mild summers and gorgeous falls
Looking Forward to:
  • Being in wards where we need each other more so we don't get cliquey
  • Dating Guys with more experience (and less conceit)
  • People not being judgmental
  • People who actually like looking good and fashionable
  • Shawarma, and real Ethnic food
  • Having money
  • Having time after I'm done working - as opposed to more homework
  • Having a social life because I have time
  • Realizing I'm actually doing pretty good in this world and not having constant performance anxiety
  • Going and doing fun things with friends and dates because we have money
  • Studying whatever I feel like - rather than just what I need to
  • Peoples of other faiths
  • Diversity
  • Living in a world that doesn't revolve around a bubble
  • Liberal people
  • Feeling like a true moderate instead of a raging liberal
  • Farmer's Markets, cheaper food
  • More types of food to eat
  • More places to shop and eat
  • Not sliding on ice and falling on my butt
  • Taking better care of my health
  • Meeting new people, making new friends, getting totally new roommates
  • Having a more favorable dating pool (much better guy-to-girl ratio, and, you know, guys actually asking)
  • Hot, tan men who actually believe it's fine to look good 
Yep, there's good in both.

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