Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goodbye, March

Dear March,

You were wonderful to me. Let me list the reasons why I love you so:

  1. Saturday, March 2nd - Passion Pit Concert. (I am still twitterpatted from it to this day)
  2. Monday, March 4th - Interviewed with Ideas Collide Marketing Communications and felt like it went really well.
  3. Sunday, March 10th - I was about to lose all hope with my life all together when many people showed many gestures of kindness and lifted me at an all-time low.
  4. Friday, March 15th - Watched a Hiyao Miyasaki movie with Rebecca and Jessica
  5. Monday, March 18th - I got offered an internship with Ideas Collide, and the 6-month hunt for an internship finally ended. 
  6. March 25-March 29 - I went to the chiropractor and finally got my back and neck fixed so I wouldn't be aching when I walked
  7. March 29 - Finally got to hear Jared's band "Red Orange" perform (after Chelsey, Andrew, and I got a Valentine Gram invitation to attend it) at the Velour and it twas' excellent 
  8. March 30 - Went to festival of colors, ate at Chipotle, and saw Mika live (excellent show!!!)
  9. March 31 - Easter Dinner and retro video game playing with my brother and his family
I can't remember everything, but March always seems to be a better month than its two preceding ones.

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