Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Minor Atrocities to the Social Degree

Dear Friends,

For future reference, I hereby give you all permission to (gently) slap me if I commit any of the following Facebook / Blogging / Social posting atrocities:
  • A cliche engagement announcement
  • Baby's Gender Announcement Photo Shoot or Announcement Party 
  • Replacing all profile pictures of myself with baby and never getting any new pictures of myself post-labor 
  • Daily posts about my baby that are neither (A) extremely cute or (B) extremely funny (this requires objectivity) - and even then, daily is too much
  • Using only my wedding photos for my profile picture 6-8+ months after it happened (time to document some new memories there, future Hillso!) 
Just for the record, either I've adjusted my Facebook notifications, or you dear friends are doing an excellent job at avoiding these. Well done.

Seeing as it is currently my profession to produce and develop interesting, unique content for businesses - particularly on the socialsphere - may I forever do the same for my personal pages.

And, life is too short to be taboo or non-creative. 


  1. I can't wait until you get married and realize you'll never pay someone to do your hair and makeup again, and thus you'll probably never look that good again ;)

    And baby gender pics or announcements are bad? I think they are cute, and much better than the alien looking ultrasound pic.

  2. I understand the reasoning behind not updating your profile pic after your wedding pics - agreed, you probably won't have as good looking pics after, but I think people are so scared of looking real, normal, or ordinary afterwards that they just forego it altogether. I personally like to see that you're happy and making new memories worth sharing after the "dream wedding."

    Yeah, maybe better than alien ultrasounds, but I don't recall gender announcement pics existing before Facebook and everybody was fine.

  3. Oh well, I guess Baby Announcement parties/photo-shoots give puking preggo people something to look forward to - they're just not my thing, they come off as really hokey to me.

  4. Hooray!! I will not have to succumb to that from you. I thank you in advance.