Sunday, August 10, 2014

Twenty-Prompt Challenge: Prompt 1 - Don't Spend it All in One Place

Question 1: What would you do if you had 100 dollars to spend today? 
What if you had 10,000 dollars? 
How about one-million dollars? 
What does this say about you?

100 Dollars - Add a few bucks and get a stylish beach cruiser bicycle. 
Fat bottomed girls will be riding today
10,000 Dollars - Traveling and More Traveling
Tokyo, New York City, and probably somewhere rustic and sporty with good zip-lining and kayaking.

One Million - 
House, Grad School, new car and Travel (and anything remaining - future childrens' college funds)

What does this say about you? Um, basically the following:
  • Small amount of money: I buy things
  • Moderate amount: I buy experiences
  • High amount: I buy lifetime investments 

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