Friday, August 29, 2014

Twenty-Prompts Challenge - Prompt 6: Nice Jerb, Hamstray

Q6: What’s your idea of the perfect job?

A6: Probably what I'm currently doing except without creative restraints, deadlines, expectations, difficult people or budgets.


I suppose these could be my alternative career choices:
  • Travel channel host
  • European musical instrument (namely string) curator
  • Playing violin in an Indie band (and then an awesome orchestra on the side)
  • Life Design and Fashion Blogger and Content Developer (i.e. not just writing, but also doing awesome videos, photography, graphic design)
  • Glamma Philanthropist
I'm pretty happy with the current direction of my professional choices. 

Oh and speaking of jobs - GUESS WHAT? I completed my first year full-time at Ideas Collide. Crazy huh? 

I guess it all too legit to quit now because -

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