Friday, November 28, 2014

50 Things that Make Me Happy/ I'm Thankful For

  1. Dogs who stick their heads (and sometimes their tongues) outside of car windows while driving
  2. Free meals - whether that's from work, dates, church events - thank you for keeping my food expenses low!
  3. Canned Peaches
  4. Smooth razors
  5. Dry Shampoo - because it makes any bad hair day a great hair day
  6. Foot fives
  7. My mother once telling me in her corrective, motherly voice, "Hillary, bust your sister."
  8. High fives
  9. Blogilates
  10. Lakes and bridges to run around and over
  11. My roommate's "Pink Bible." That's all I'm saying about it.
  12. Humidifiers
  13. Worksgiving.
  14. My new iPod having a Nike running feature. Saves me equipment and second-guessing how far I run.
  15. Haunted Toasters. 
  16. Amazingly hilarious YouTube channels, such as: Studio C/BYUTV, Nothing Much to Do, etc...
  17. Arizona Sunsets. Because nothing is better. NOTHING.
  18. Arizona freeways. Because no others are better. NO OTHERS.
  19. Clean inboxes.
  20. Having time to actually clean those inboxes.
  21. Goodwill for taking my old clothes.
  22. Kale Cleansers, because I never feel fat again.
  23. Long weekends off work.
  24. Not having finals around the Christmas season.
  25. Guys asking me out - because even they don't work out, getting good experience and stories.
  26. Smartphones. Because mine has become another limb. 
  27. How I can look up anything I have question about instantly.
  28. Having friends who live in cool places and I can visit them and make my expenses cheap.
  29. Silky Pajama Pants
  30. Dipping rolls in gravy
  31. Boots
  32. All of my amazing friends who always seem to know when to be there for me when I need them
  33. My awesome singles church congregation
  34. Nail Polish - because it makes looking at your hands and feet more interesting
  35. Dog costumes
  36. Parodies to things
  37. Movie quotes
  38. Books and how they make me think beyond my realm of knowledge.
  39. Hand dancing
  40. My crocheted vest thing. You'd have to see it.
  41. My faux feather vest. Because I just love touching it.
  42. The song, "See my vest" from Simpsons
  43. Intellectual movies
  44. Ted Talks 
  45. Window blinds
  46. The education I received - (go BYU Public Relations - #3 in the nation baby)
  47. Finally purchasing new things to replace your old, broken stuff
  48. Two turkey dinners this week that were amazing
  49. Reviving my whole DVD collection in one evening thanks to Black Friday
  50. Emerson escapes into nature. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all and all a goodnight! 

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