Monday, February 25, 2008


Dear Bloggy,

Hello. My name is Hillary. It's funny because I've spent quite some time now trying to define myself and figure out my "identity" in words, and when I came to this point to introduce you to me and tell you about myself with words that I meticulously thought out, my mind went blank.
It makes me sad to think that the general population sees my name and thinks either of the well-known politician or the well-known pop-star at this time. If my name wasn't it, then I would probably think the name was ruined in my honest opinion.
Well. About me. (I should just do the column thing for this fill out). I've tried so hard to fit under the word "eclectic" and feel like I've succeeded, except for when I become a chicken and actually worry about what people think. The only opinions that concern me are the ones that I respect.
On that note, I always try to put God and Jesus on top of my big priority list. Life is meaningless without those two and the gospel in my life. After that all my priorities play a constant thumb war.
I have a deep passion for music. That probably takes second. Music is magic, music is emotions that words cannot fill in for, music is a story, music is a gift from God. This takes time to learn to love (like a lot of passions do), and I've dedicated more than eight years practicing a violin and a piano. I can't find a reason to quit now. And I play a bit of guitar, but that's not such a big deal. I love them all, and I won't tell you which one is my favorite right now.
I struggle for a decision for what to do with my career. I'd love to music, but I picture myself as a starving musician who struggles on the street. So I hope for a secure job that I could enjoy like business. My compromise? Doing business for the Music Industry! Production mostly. I don't think that industry is ever going to go out of business because the IPod only gets more and more popular as time goes on and music is addictive. So I'm trying my best to survive high school and go to a respectable university. And that's basically my plans until further notice.
What else? I don't know, I'll save that stuff for another entry. Later gator. ;)
Love, Hillso

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