Thursday, February 28, 2008


Dear Bloggy,

I found bliss that I longed for.

Let me explain. Lately it's been difficult for me because of changes going on late. I feel like some of my really close friends are too busy to be there for me (and I'll admit I haven't sufficiently been there for them), I'm trying to get over another failed romantic interest, I'm struggling to get and keep my grades up, and then I got the flu that lasts ten days.

Things are starting to get better again.

I finally got antibiotics to fix my the sickness and I'm almost fully restored to health.

I had the opportunity to reach out to other people that I normally do not get to as much. (and that has been one of my previous hopes) Some include the girls in my ward, and I've always wanted to better friends with them.

My AP English teacher said she would "fix" the grades later since everybody is technically failing. We finished the hard lesson in math and maybe there's still hope for me. Or in other words: it's a work in progress.

And well, moving on.

Story time: I was out with my church group at the temple for several hours when the Spirit gave peace and comfort to my soul about this issue. I realized that I would never be fully ready to move on so I might as well get it over with because now it's really up to me. I have two choices to I either get upset about my rejection and wallow on the negative or accept the freedom, look towards the future, and bask in the positive. I choose the latter.
How does the temple and that whole event connect? Before I felt like I didn't have the drive to fix my sorrows, but going to the temple reminded me that God will help me It gave me the drive to move on, and I'm finally taking action to fix my circumstances. And of course it cleared my mind from all the junk and drama that clouded my thoughts.

Last night I felt a little taste of the unconditional happiness I waited so long for, and today I got a bigger helping.

I love the temple. :) It really puts my mind to rest and let's me think very clearly.

That's my bliss.

That and I'm thankful for the friends who I didn't realize were there for me before. I got to stop taking people for granted.

Ok, I'm also thankful for those 50 calorie Fudge Bars at Dairy Queen, soooo good. And hills. And daffodils. They can't stand the heat here though.


Is it Summer Vacation yet?

Love, Hillary

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