Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trees and Rivers

Dear Bloggy,

I had a great dream last night. It wasn't like the usual ones where my concerns and the things that hurt me haunt them. No stressful concert things. No worst nightmares that I could possibly imagine. No reminders of my stupid romantic heartache. No conflicts where friends are being especially weird and obnoxious (they rarely are obnoxious in reality, but those dreams really frustrate me). No nightmares.
I dreamed that I was walking out in a grass field with a warm colored setting and apparently it was Summer. Not like the Arizonan "it's-so-hot-I can't-go-outside" kind of summer. But rather a warm and slightly toasty. Pleasant. A light green colored the trees, the the field colored with yellow flower weeds, and the friends who currently make me happy were out chilling. (Pun :) ) \

Somehow after the crazy conversation I had with my friends I ended up floating on my back in a clean blue river that matched nicely with the warm setting (I think my friends were swimming too). The cool water rushed through my skin, glided through my hair, and tickled my skin. I felt pure peace in my sleep. And then I woke up.
It's been almost two months. I hope this is a sign that I'll be able to get good sleep again.

Call me obsessed about dreams. I dare you. But if you had dreams that are normally as weird as mine (ha, paradox), you would wonder what is up too.

I suppose this dream came from finally doing my All-state audition and my continual process to obtain full reparation. Reparation is going pretty good. Still hurts, but not as bad. I can see the end.

Love you, Hill

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