Thursday, March 13, 2008

Walking Contradiction

Dear Bloggy,

I don't say that I'm a Walking Contradiction because I argue with people all the time (although I get satisfaction from witty banter), but rather because I create these crazy ideals and then when I get it I don't want it anymore. Hypocrite would be a better term.

I don't want to go into specifics, but when I wanted to make an adjustment with my social life and when I made the extra mile to reach out to new people, I all the sudden realized that I really missed some of my old friends that I've slacked off from and I forgot how awesome they really are. I guess this is why I have awkward situations and things that don't work out the way I want them I can appreciate what I got.

So anyway, now I have to get myself out of the mess I put myself in. Or I could just tolerate it for a very short amount of time and then escape it over the break.

Did I mention I'm ready for a vacation? Well, I am. And I've got big plans to not do all that much..yet.

Love, Hillso

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