Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wild Child and Roaming the Wilderness

Dear Bloggy,

Spring Break was fantastic. It provided many remedies to the things which I wanted.

First of all it satisfied my appetite for adventure which grows worse and worse as school gets more boring and more awful. This included a wild date Tuesday Night where we ran through a park like a bunch of criminals trying not to get caught, played Chinese Firedrill several times, and hung out in places where Hobos could easily inhabit. Then another date on Saturday Night had some adventure when I got pushed on a difficult foot tall motorcycle and sat on top of a moving car through downtown Mesa. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Secondly I updated my wardrobe (which, like most girls, is very satisfying) in a very creative and "thrifty" manner. Yeah, I went thrifting. I hated thrift stores back in the old days. I hated how they smell funny and how gross they were. And how ugly their clothes were. But now I find thrifting fun if I go with the right attitude and a gas mask. Although thrift stores carry many tacky and gross things, there lies many treasures also. It's kind of like a treasure hunt through a wild rainforest. While I search the racks I find that the tacky things are very whimsical, that the bizarre things are intriguing, that the eighties and ages before then only cost five dollars in front of my face, and that the treasure lies in finding something that exudes a vintage quality and fixes the problem of looking like everybody else. All for ten dollars. Brilliant.

Last I learned an appreciation for many things. Reenacting the Exodus with Moses and all the things in between made me realize that murmuring can come very easily, that I really missed the luxuries in modern day society, that people can truly break comfort zones and bond like my tribe did, and that hygiene feels great.

I really enjoyed this week because I not only hung out with some of my normal friends, but also I had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people and reach out to some who I wish I could get to know better.

I need to break out of my social rut. I think it's working.

Unfortunately I didn't get to relax all that much. I was simply too busy having fun that work occupied the moments that I could have used to relax. I don't think I'll ever be completely at peace until Summer Vacation. I think it's better that I stayed so preoccupied because I have many stories to tell when I return to school and don't feel the least bit like a loser after the break.

Now I just need to finish the year strong and get good grades. Later Gator.

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  1. Hillso you've been in the blogging community this long and never told me? What? You'll have to post a pic of some of your fab finds- as well as the Easter dress mom made you- she said it's smashing!