Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1856 The Musical Part I (or I suppose you could say Part III)

Dear Bloggy,

I made it through the Utah part of the musical and Capitol theater. Sweet. :)

Well, the journey to and fro was too long (To: 16 hours, From: 13 hours). We got stuck on the road before Pacen because there was a monster accident that included two half compressed cars, some dead people, and a life flight. When we arrived, some people had been waiting for three hours and we chilled there for two hours.

Mom went to chat with the neighbor cars while I memorized another fiddle tune needed for the upcoming show.

Followed that we had two ten hour rehearsals where I roamed the lovely streets of Salt Lake with some fellow teenage cast members and we handed out fliers and ate at the park.

The performances went well and got progressively better each night. I was more bored this year with the band's musical selections. One too many oldie country songs and boom-chucking. There was a lot more contention because of that and other jazz but I spent a lot of time running up and down the flight of stairs to attend the scenes I additionally was in. So much to my disinclination I became an actress this week. But 1856 is possibly the best play you could ever participate in. Because it's great music, because it has an amazing message, because it makes me cry everytime I go up to see the second half (even though I've seen it what? Too many times?), because the Spirit is just sooo strong in it, and because there are very amazing people in this cast. And I've made plenty of friends (and better friends) this year than the last one and frankly having a great time. :)
One of my favorite parts about Capitol Theatre is that the hallways downstairs are covered with musicals, plays, and operas that had been there in the past....Phantom of the Opera, Les Mesirables, Beauty and the Beast, Saturday's Warrior, Utah Opera, etc... And I loved to run my hands against the wall and feel the jagged paint and the glued on studs of the performances. And best of all...the signatures.

So I left my mark on the wall as well...twice.

Here's in 2006...

And 2008.
The best part of the two pictures? I still have freaky hair and makeup. Stage makeup is crazy, but fortunately the makeup artists didn't mention bronzer this year...but as for eyebrows, that's another story...
You can imagine how fun it is to roam the streets of Salt Lake with sinister eyebrows and super retro clothes. But all this fun has paid off in my efforts to become famous (now you're asking "What efforts?")
I went to the Geneology Center to find Madre and one of the missionary workers there stopped me and said "You look familiar..." and note that I've never seen this woman in my entire life. And then she realized I was from the play. So yeah, that was cool.
Tomorrow I start tech rehearsals for our performances at the Mesa Arts Center. PLEASE COME!!! The tickets range from 7 to 18 dollars I believe and the performances are at 7:00 every night (but come early to see me in the Preshow) on Friday 27-Saturday 28, 30-July 3rd, and there's a Mate nay at 2:00 on Saturday.
Till later, Gator.

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  1. Wow, stuck in the desert on your way to Utah--guess it helped get you in the right mindset for the musical.