Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Vacationing

Dear Bloggy,

Freedom at last! Ok, so it has been a week since school ended. And guess what I've done? Nothing! Well, for the most part.

The last days of school were good, except that I became a vegetable after I completed my AP Test and managed to squeeze some juice out to prepare for my Trig and ASL final. I'm pleased to say that I got a B in my Trig class after struggling and failing through a good fraction of the semester and facing that major headache I get every time I do geometry stuff. And the report card came in today with three "Excellent Students" and "Good Attitude", ok...and the more important part, above average grades. The moral of the story is that sometimes kicking your own butt does a lot of good unless you kicked it so hard that you developed a huge bruise and can barely manage to waddle.

My seventeenth birthday was fantastic. One two many movies! First I saw Prince Caspian and it was sooo good. I liked the plot. I liked the symbolism that I caught. I liked Prince Caspian's gorgeous blue eyes and luscious hair. I liked the movie overall. It was awesome-possum.
Then late at night I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls. It was....fine. It had the IJ elements and great action as is expected for the movie. And it was very entertaining. However, I thought the plot was all over the place and some of it was a bit cheesy. But you know, near the end I was sooo tired that I almost fell asleep and during the finale I told my genius friend "That's why you don't take six AP classes". Random? So is the whole movie! But if you've seen it, you would understand. Sorry, can't spoil it for you. :)

So now it's summer. I'm occupied hunting for employment and preparing for "1856 The Musical". We're coming to Utah in a week and a half and AZ in about three or four weeks. It's going to be great. :D
Look for me in the Bluegrass band and the scenes "Come, Come Ye Saints", "Cloggers/I'm Free", "Entrance to Salt Lake", "Who Will Go", and "Finale". Hope you can come. If not, that's cool.

I'll be chilling with that and many other things including hanging out with friends at ridiculous hours of the night, playing Rockband and Guitar Hero until I became dizzy, swimming, and etc...
So peace out homie.

Love, Hillso

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