Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bloggin' On Down to Buffalo

In other words, life has been fairly uneventful, let me tell you about it.

So in orchestra this week we have been practicing our Surround Sound Concert music, which consists of many well known movie and soundtrack-ey stuff such as Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, Titanic, and Phantom of the Opera. Anywho, we were right in the middle of "All I Ask of You" during the PoTO medley and all the violinist in front of me went into a casual screaming attack. It just included her jumping on to her stand partner's lap, pointing to the ground, and the whole symphony stopping in the middle of the song. It wasn't a snake or a finch, it was just a scorpion. So a guy killed it and we proceeded on with our musical festivities.

Then Friday night I was driving home from from a school play and I almost drove over some mutant rat or some black cat or something. Either way I probably have an additional 49 years of bad luck for driving pass the road kill.

Then yesterday I got an education on what it's like to be deaf at the movies, only it was vice-versa. It was this completely American Sign Language movie called "Wrong Game". It was supposed to be some kind of creepy-horror- mystery thing. At least that's what I got from the context. So my buddy Kim and I sat there observing the Deaf audience more of the time than watching the actual movie. I got about five or ten words out of the whole 67 minute first-half. And we and these other ASL 1 students from another High School were laughing at the actresses' very extreme emotions. ASL is a very visual language, so fortunately we could figure that they were terrified of all the skeletons falling out of the closets and that they were trapped in this mansion. Oh, and they ate a few worms and blood and almost killed themselves with an intense round of Russian Roulet. But basically that's about all Kim and I got. So Kim wanted to go because the "Eat, Drink, or Die" game scared her a little too much after Part I. So that was my Saturday Afternoon.

Followed by singing Queen at the top of my lungs with some fellow friends and having all the windows rolled down so everybody could hear us.

That's basically it. I live a very boring life. Sorry.

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