Monday, July 28, 2008

Uhm, More 1856.

Dearest Newly-Renovated-yet-still-very-much-beloved Bloggy,

Yeah, so uh...1856 ended almost a month ago. And I was meaning to write about it some time ago, however I got very distracted. Infact, I was about to skip writing this altogether because my short attention span got the best of me.

If Capitol Theatre wasn't cool enough, Ikeda was more awesome. Reasons why:

1. Close to home, could still kind of live my life normally
2. Lighting was freaking amazing.
3. Got to know everybody so much more simply because more time passed and I wasn't hidden on the other side of the stage.
4. Had all the songs down so I could go chill in the halls and backstage.
5. Made some new friends that were freaking amazing.
6. Probably bigger audience.
7. The guys somehow got even cuter in AZ. :P
8. More conveniences. :)
9. Less stairs.
10. Last few nights were most touching.
11. More of my friends, neighbors, people I knew came.
12. I finally figured out the Alto part. :P

I'll miss it dearly, but at the same time I'm enjoying more freedoms this summer and a less stressed mother. :)

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