Thursday, August 21, 2008

So Long Sweet Summer

Dear Bloggy,

This was undeniably my best summer ever. Consequentially it has created some terrible side effects as I have returned to school.

First of all, I've been diagnosed with precocious Senioritis. I simply don't have the motivation I used to to work hours on end. Most of the time I get so bored during the summer that I want to come back and work hard. Fortunately I don't consider AP Government homework homework :).

Anyway, because I was doing so much stuff this summer and having so much fun, I haven't had a desire to give up on the fun and settle down. So that's a strange adjustment.

Another side effect includes this overly peppy motivation to go meet new people and make new friends. The lessons I learned about making friends and how to get along with more people have rejuvenated my spirits about life and people in general. Yay for new friends.

Lastly, uh...since I was so busy I kind of felt a little worn out when the first day of school started. I resolved that issue by dropping my load and dropping AP Chem. Thank goodness. I'm quite fond of regular very-slow Physics. :)

So yeah, back to work, back to school, and I'm off to do my homework. :)

I miss Summer Vacation a whole lot, but change is good.

Love, Hillso

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