Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Years and Regional Orchestra

Dear Bloggy,

I had a terrific Chinese New Year; My friend Chanda led me to this magical Asian supermarket that I had no idea existed (it was about fifteen minutes away) and I must've looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story when he meets up with Santa and is speechless as I checked out this Supermarket.

.... Yeah, that looks about right.

I felt like I was thrown into Japan, hich was great: the music they played was all in Japanese, there were veggies I've never seen in my life (they all looked like logs), everything was labeled in Asian syllables first and I had to search for the English on it, there was a whole aisle dedicated to soy sauce, and my particular favorite: the fish market.

Every fish you could imagine: Live lobster, crabs, salmon, fish squish juice stuff, all for a ridiculous cheaper price. And the winners for shocking? In third place we have the octopus legs, which were the size of my head, nicely packaged in a dried bag - for about two dollars. Second place we have the bag of squids, their eyes were still intact and there was twenty about half the size of my palm each, about three to five dollars. And the first prize for the best delicacy....

Frog, except there was no skin on it and it was packaged in a nice plastic meat tray. Chanda dared me to touch it, so I did...felt like a chicken breast, looked like a chicken breast in the shape of the frog....so what does frog taste like? The question I cannot tell you because it's a mystery to me too.

After the shock of seeing Kermit as potential dinner, I couldn't stick around the seafood section much longer because I'm deathly allergic to even the smell of shellfish.

Anyway, I came out of that store with some Teriyaki Soy Sauce, kelp, processed fish, some cute little carbonated drink, and an awakened curiousity of how something so odd to me is so normal on the otherside of the world. And my desire to go to Japan and Asian countries has only worsened. And the food was quite delicious too, except I had to use mostly chicken substitute.

Next on the agenda: Regional Orchestra.

Whewie this was a killer this year. We had one of the music directors from University of Arizona come and direct (consequently the one that asked if I enjoyed my nap during their UoA Symphony performance), and he gave us All-State level music. Needless to say I've grown fond of this composer named Berlioz and his Romeo and Juliet Dramatic Symphony, and decided just how much more crazy Brahms is.

Some miracle happened and I got in a satisfying chair (ninth, in 1sts, in the most competitive region) and beat my friend from symphony, so I was just dandy. The other miracle was how we pulled this tough, amazing music together in about 27 hours time. It took a long Friday, the inability to move my neck that Friday Night, and a huge amount of focus power, but we did an amazing job. It was worth all the hard work.

I am so sick of the violin, it is not funny. But now I have a new motto: "All-State or Bust!"

So if you don't see me for the next two and a half weeks, you'll know why.

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