Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dear Bloggy,

I went to the Farmer's market today where I saw strawberries and they looked exceptionally delicious, red and plump. And then I saw watermelon and thought, "Oh I'll cut it up tonight so I can eat it all the time this week!" -a task which never before would I be excited to do. Then I saw my conventional raspberries and told my seester to grab 20, outrageous! And my mouth watered at all the possibilities with a wide array of colors in fruits and vegetables to eat. Maybe I was just a bit deprived of produce this week due to a declared family grocery spending cut last week, but I have come to a conclusion: I have become vegan. Mostly.
This is such a crazy conversion from me being a previous devout carnivore, but let me explain the conversion process:
First of all, my seester was pretty much forced into it for health-induced reasons. So watching her rant and rave about this diet made me think: "What if I cut my carbs a bit and replaced my fatty foods for a more natural alternative- fruit?"
With that I also kept in mind that the serving size I was eating was wayyy too much and it was time to reduce.
So I've tried it for what? Two weeks.
Well, this experiment has come with major results: I kept the five pounds (and 5% body fat) off that I vomited off weeks before, I get sick when I eat too much candy or greasy food, and I kind of freak out when the fridge appears to be a consistent beige color. Oh, how am I going to survive college without parents who like produce and a conveniant produce farmer market close by?

However, I can never give up my carbs and meat entirely. At some point of the day my body tells me it's time to eat something covered with cheese or meat sauce, a hunk of lean protein, or the occasional cookie. Which works out because it's a compromise with my body. I just have to tell myself, "Ok, you can have this, but only this much." And it's working.

So here's my testimony to stepping up the eating healthy gear a notch.
Now I just need to get myself back into running. That's another story.

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