Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Time out of the Country

Dear Bloggy,

Well, I finally went on the long anticipated Chamber Orchestra trip to Austria. It was a dream, an ideal that was in my my head that I didn't know really existed. It was a whole lot of things that I could say about it, but never fulfil its true nature.

So the plane flight to it was a piece of cake, I slept five hours on the plane and totally conquered Jet Lag no problem. I must of looked like a kid at Disneyland for the first time as I watched all the street signs, the streets, the buildings pass by and adore how they looked much different than they do in America. Everything had this new metropolitan cool feel to it and was less boxy and less plain than things in America. Even the toilets, gum, garbage cans fascinated me so much the first day because it was different, not by much but enough to be noticed, than it is in America.

Then the touring began in Vienna. This was my favorite -place. I was astonished by the architecture of every building, because each was carved with 1800s or older stone, statues on every street, and buildings that looked so tall and old fashioned on hte outside and so expensive and rich on the inside. We saw several palaces, one which had over 2000 rooms. I was amazed by all the time and history involved with everything there. It was very walk-the-city kind of place and I loved every minute of it. Our hotel's patio sat on the edge of hte Danube River and I envied all those who lived in that place so much. This city was so beautiful and intriguing. I couldn't find much anything wrong with it, it fulfilled the fanta

sy ideal of Europe that existed in my mind because of all it had and how captivating its streets, buildings, nature, and everything else held.

With a bit of sadness after five wonderful days we parted Vienna for Salzburg. I very much enjoyed it, but not as much as Vienna, because Vienna was bigger and had much more things to do, see, absorb. But Salzburg had very beautiful mountains and I loved the quaint feeling it carried with it. Plus we saw all the sights of The Sound of Music, which I regret to say I've never seen all of that movie. So now I am obligated to see it...soon. :)
Last was Germany, we saw the castle that the Disney Castle was based after and it was like a little piece of fantasy in the middle of a mystical forest, and then we headed off for Munich. I was getting really homesick at this point and felt like all
I was seeing was starting to look the same over and over, but I still enjoyed it. Dachau Concentration Camp, our last stop, really touched me. I was shocked at how much green was grown around and partially inside of it, I expected desolation. I saw the krematoriums and stood where many people were tortured and woke up to another miserable day because of the hatred that others inflicted on them. As a stone memorial said there, I will "Never Forget".

Overall it was superb, though the airplane and airport trip back was a miserable experience, it was totally worth it. Especially to see all the places where composers walked and played, and to play in concert halls and chapels i will probably never play in again. Music and art is the wonder that existed in Austria, and it has become my favorite place in Europe because It carries the two things in this world that I adore more than almost anything else. I'm greatful for this opportunity and can't wait to experience even more of the wonders in this world. The world is a big place, a big adventure to behold.

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