Thursday, August 13, 2009

Subway. Eat Fresh.

Dear Bloggy,
I have a jeooorrrggghhhb, and it feels good. I've spent months in Arizona toiling and laboring over what seemed like nothing but a wild goose chase and then I go up to BYU and the first place I go to acts like they are just going to hire me...funny, I know.

I've decided in the last few weeks that if nothing is working out except one thing, and that one thing just comes so easily, even if I don't think I really want that option at the time, might be the best thing for me.

Everything since my hiring in Subway has worked out very surprisingly well, even if there were a few moments where I just wanted to freak and cry. I thought I had no where to live after I agreed to start weeks before school started,so mom takes me to my apartment and I can move in 11 days early so I can start work early.

Next I go to work the first day and find out that I need my social security card to be able to legally start, frustrated that I can't get it until this weekend, mom tells me to go inquire about my I-9 anyway, and though I miss a day of work because I'm sitting at the social security office, my shift today gives me two extra hours of work because they are short of people so it compensates for yesterday's absence.

Then I worried about stupid things like my uniform possibly looking tacky but then it happens to be my favorite color - dark green which I feel automatically awesome in - so no problems there. Then other things like books for classes and getting more hours just keeps working. I suppose I'm just in the right place at the right time- for once.

But yeah, Subway is a great job so far. I survived my first lunch rush and picked up a lot of things very quickly, I just became a machine within twenty minutes of each new task they showed me. It gave me great confidence, especially when I was next to another new girl who just seemed so nervous, scared, and running a bit slower than I. And yes, I probably will have served to the whole campus by the time the school year is over.

My parents came up for a phrase for me in the last few weeks in all this crazy change and stuff: I'm just like a cat who always lands on her feet.

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