Friday, February 5, 2010

The Lyric Junkie

Just thought you'd like to know...

I have almost hit the maximum capacity for my Ipod and can recognize just about every single artist on it after listening to it for ten to fifteen seconds.
I have been called a person with bipolar music tastes, but I'd like to just think that I am very open minded.
Anywho, I realized how many songs I knew how to sing along with and knew what the song was about.
Isn't the brain a marvelous thing?

No seriously, think about it. Turn your ipod on shuffle and count how many songs you can sing along with and how well you remember them. It's a lot of songs, which is a lot of lines, which is a lot of words!
Well, taking a gander with my familiarity to the songs on my Ipod, I would wager I know several hundred at least. And not just to the choruses, I can sing to all of Geek in the Pink, a few hip-hop songs, and quite a few other densely worded pieces. It's crazy!

I'm not the only one, I have a friend that can sing the whole rap part to a Lady Gaga song, word for word, it's astounding.

Well, because everybody probably has a good list of songs they have lined up in their memory as I discuss this, what constitutes a lyrical junkie? What makes somebody more into lyrics than your average Joe Shmoe?

Well, here's where I will argue that I am indeed a lyrical junkie:
I have to know what the song is about. I just have to. My curiousity goes wild when I hear a line and can't quite understand what the singer said or I want to know what the last line was about in context to the whole song.

I think this fascination came when I was taking Sign Language and we were interpreting songs.

I have to know what the musician is implying when he or she is singing. It's quite entertaining. So usually the artist with the richer meanings catches my interest more so I have to listen again and again.

However, so many artists I have discovered seem to have discussed the most complex of subjects that is so entirely wholesome to share with the rest of society: prostitutes.

It's amazing how clever those little devils can throw that in to your favourite song in so many various ways (Mika's Love Today, cough). I guess that they probably have to deal with a lot more groupies than your average person.

Anywho, yeah, if I am singing along to a song, and you aren't sure what it is about, go ahead and ask, I have googled the lyrics, possibly went to a song meaning website and read the analysis, and have deeply pondered the point of having dysfunctional corrupted love affairs in that song.

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