Monday, February 8, 2010

Weigh it In

Well, it has been a tumultuous week for various reasons, but I'm thinking I might be a bit homesick. I love school, wouldn't trade it for anything, but sometimes when life is rough you can't help but return to happy nostalgia to bring comfort.
Here's what I miss most about Arizona:
  • My Family back home
  • Family specifics: Dad saying "Nighty night Mistake!" to me, Mom getting all mad and saying "person!", Shell's laugh, Rhino's look of contempt when K and I sing scuttle style, Nizzo making some joke that makes mother superior angry, Canoe's crazy tap dance, my nieces and nephews dog piling me
  • Warmth, particularly beautiful winters
  • the desert, the cacti, and its brown glorious midget mountains
  • laying out on the cement eating a ripe orange off the December
  • MVT Orchestra
  • Dr. Temme and all his "Joe Schmoe...but Dr. Joe Schmoe!" jokes.
  • My AP English teachers Mr. Jackson and his melodramatic lectures and crazy LoTR Dwarf hair, and Ms. Snyder calling me a "pompous A**"
  • Watching CNN and Fox and thinking about Mrs. Ries saying, "It's a constitutional crisis!" or just thinking about how she would respond to any news
  • Airhead nights with Josh and Zack
  • Living backstage for two weeks straight eating gummy worms, lucky charms, and carrots with my favourite people and wondering if the musical is going to work out, then at opening night it magically does
  • Regional orchestra, and those moments where we played Cavalleria Rusticana intermezzo, Rhapsody in Blue, and Romeo and Juliet and all the sudden all those years of practising were made worthwhile because of those few precious hours
  • Burying Mr. Ghetto and all the crazy nights with our Heritage friends
  • Sign Language club
On the contrary, I feel it is only right to list all the things that I love about here that I would miss if I left it:
  • my brother Twodd, his wifey, and his two cute kids. And watching Dr Who with them
  • the Seasons, particularly seeing beautiful fall leaves and shimmering snow
  • my wonderful ward family
  • my friends who always seem to show up and cheer me up whenever I am down
  • classes that actually feel worthwhile and meaningful
  • strangers smiling at me on campus
  • every person I have met and come to know
  • the fun atmosphere at Subway
  • the freedom to make (almost) every decision I feel like
  • lots of male attention I didn't have before :P
Ok, so maybe those details weren't as specific, I guess time will tell what was the most meaningful to me, but I am indeed happy. I just think sometimes I feel a bit too bitter about things and I need to look for the good in everything that happened to me, so this is what it is. Comparing Utah to Arizona is like comparing apples to oranges (haha, apples are exceptionally delicious in Utah as are oranges to Arizona). But weigh in the good, right?

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