Friday, April 30, 2010

My Pretty Much Irrational Fears

  • Holding my violin in a crowded room of reckless people (with cups of water and saws?)
  • diving into a deep unknown miles below the earth, and then never being able to get out
  • finding that potential cow liver/organ/rib sticking out in my cup of raw milk
  • the dark basement when I am alone in the house at night, even if I locked all the doors and closed the window blinds, I just know murderers somehow got in and are hiding there
  • somebody jumping out at me in the dark
  • Subway Stalkers...I know better, they don't come every week just to get food...
  • that guy that I accidentally nicknamed "Satan" because I feel like he is stalking me whenever we encounter each other...thank goodness he's miles away, but seriously, he doesn't stalk me
  • large quantities of dog drool, it's not like it is poison or anything
  • brunet hair growing on my arms or legs
  • live lobsters; sharks, whatever, but lobsters?
  • small dogs chasing me when I am running. Big dogs, whatever.

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