Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things that Make Me Happy April 29

  • Coming home for the summer to AZ.
  • Knowing I am going to have awesome room mates next year
  • Getting another awesome haircut from Sister A
  • having short bangs
  • lots and lots of quails running on the fence and in the yard
  • Arizona sunsets
  • coming home and it feels like I'm on a surreal tropical getaway
  • driving, not taking the bus or walking everywhere
  • more sane drivers
  • Family gym and yoga classes that kick my bed- er, butt
  • fresh produce that tastes sooooooooo good
  • Queen size bed to sleep in that isn't two feet from the ceiling (though I kind of miss putting my feet on the ceiling)
  • quasi-Veganese
  • going to see Hello the Mind Control perform again this weekend! Yes!
  • feeling attractive again
  • not studying
  • friends back in Utah sending me texts
  • friends here in Arizona sending me a text or message
  • My/My dad's dear Steinway piano, how I missed you! <3
  • All the wonderfulness and wonderful people from my Freshman year of college
  • headphones

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