Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Most Handy Thing You Can Do WIth a Rubber Mallet

Dear Bloggy,

Today our family has beaten a record in the last eight years of our lives we have lived here.

We have now killed
eighteen scorpions in one night.

For those who aren't aware of how we do this in the dark of the night, I will gladly share to the world what the scorpions' achilles' heel is (so to speak):

their poison has a special....product...yeah, we will call it product, in them that makes them glow in the dark when you shine a light on them. Clear as day if your blacklight is good.

Well, I'm very much enjoying this hobby, however I still need to toughen up a little bit because I didn't personally kill any tonight, I just spotted them with the light.

We had mom going on a frantic frenzy, we had Camille's boyfriend smashing them (and anything glowing) all over the place, and we got dad smearing them across the wall, not to mention one charged towards to me. Needless to say they are well alive out there and we will sleep safer tonight because we have decreased the population.

But trust me, there are still many out there....

And I intend to get the guts (ha, guts!) to kill them. It's quite a thrilling sport, actually, if you need a cheap thrill-seeker that also brings good to the world, I would highly recommend it. All you need is to go to an orange grove with a rubber mallet and a blacklight (rulers and bug spray recommended) and you can have mountains of fun!

Happy hunting. :)

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