Friday, June 18, 2010


Here are some reasons why I am so unrealistically crushing on Matthew Bellamy and Muse (come on, Dominic is cute too, ya know ;) ).

1. Um, hello? Only last REAL rock band on this Earth. (You can debate with me, but everything new that's coming up has fallen to mainstream pop influences, they're 'alternative' )

2. The given: awesome music! Who can be so brilliant as to combine Brahms and amazing piano rifts in with some majorly modulated guitar and hard rock influences?

3. Lyrics. I am a lyric junkie. And the melo-dramatic nature of their lyrics make them just that edgy.

4.Mr. Bellamy sings falsetto. All my favorite male singers seem to have a niche for singing high: Mika, Queen, Jason Mraz, and them.

5. He not only plays a mean guitar, but a wicked awesome piano- he knows his chords.

6. Dressing the Part: he makes his hair go in directions that most mothers would probably not approve of and wears full red suits to black 80's style motorcycle jackets. Not my particular taste, but I respect any taste!

7. Um, foreign? Yes, my friends and I discussed today how we adore British male celebrities a lot more than American ones, sorry, so that cliche still exists.

8. They are just as good or better live.

9. They are angsty, edgy artsy musicians. Exactly what I want but completely what I don't need. :)

10. Their music and albums are brilliantly and meticulously thought out, references to historical periods, certain classical literature, subtle tributes to Queen, and...ABBA (according to them)?

11. And of course, this. :)

Yep, it's official. I am disgustingly addicted to Muse music right now.

I go in phases, I've had the following groups for months on end in the past: Josh Groban, Beach Boys, Beatles, Jason Mraz, Dashboard Confessional, Phantom of the Opera Cast, Aquabats, MXPX, Queen, She & Him, annnnnddd I can't remember. :s

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