Sunday, September 19, 2010

Insights From This Fun Weekend

Ping Pong IS a sport. And it can be your one true passion in life.

If you are going to be a street sweeper, be a legendary street sweeper like Shakespeare is with his poetry, or Michelangelo was with the Sistine Chapel. Therefore, I am going to be a legendary sandwich artist for Grab-N-Go/Subway. For now.

Tossing fishes probably takes a lot of practice to catch.

I really want to be a book snob. I want to host a book club in my awesome leisure room that has really tall book shelves with all kinds of amazing works of literature that I read. Or at least have a reading room where everybody takes one look at it and wants to read something or learn something new because it is so inviting. I want to advocate knowledge and learning.

A lot of personality traits are developed to the point where it feels intuitive sometimes to behave a certain way. Therefore making the right action or saying the right thing may not always feel natural and go counter-intuitively.

I will indeed sunburn if I am out in the sun for two hours running.

Flowers don't survive running four miles with you, but bugs sitting on that flower you carry will.

Why college is so incredibly different this year.

Don't forget to eat dinner when it's dinner time. And no, a bag of pretzels don't count.

Orange-aid tastes like orange soda, just without the super fizzy carbonation.

I am no longer a size 9 in Anchor Blue jeans, maybe not even close.

I really really really think I might declare my major in Public Relations.

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