Friday, September 24, 2010

Silver Lining

Dear Bloggy,

Tomorrow I am going to take the Wheelchair across campus challenge. It's Accessibility Awareness Week.

That's all I really want to do. Don't want to fall in love, just ride on my wheelchair down a big hill or platform. Don't want to solve any more problems, just want to spin in circles. Don't want to be the president of America. (Just want to make subtle tributes to Freddie)

Ok, and Econ. I just want to kick some homework turd.
Happy things in my life, go:
  1. My new friend E. She makes me want to be a better person and she reminds me that I should not only be a good friend but set higher expectations with who I am going to hang out with.
  2. Totally impressed my boss with timeliness today. We finished the sandwiches twenty minutes earlier than expected. Yeah, me and the other two girls that switch off days rock at making sandwiches.
  3. This guy, S, in my New Testament class that made me laugh really hard when I was so upset about some other guy junk.
  4. Playing my violin tonight.
  5. Blasting my music when my obsessive controlling roommate told me to turn my headphones down, my headphones! Naturally empowering, she won't talk to me now, but it's not like I cared for her friendship. I will not be oppressed!
  6. Going to the temple tonight with E and some other girls. It's helped me to realize that if I can't get out of my apartment this semester, that things will still work out.
  7. Having another one of my creepers from last year think I totally don't remember who he is. He stalked me all the way to the computer lab, but once I got engrossed into my ISYS homework (of all things, lol) and acted disinterested he took off pretty quick.
  8. Rocking a pencil skirt today and admiring how much skinnier I am.
  9. I've dropped two sizes since I started marathon training. Which means...
  10. I really really like how my legs look, can I just say I think they are really hot? (Vain comment I know)
  11. Marathon training, ran to the temple last night.
  12. Econ buyer seller experiment game in class today. Oh my gosh being in predominantly guy classes is hilarious! First of all, there was a open chat room for 240 people, if that helps you get a good idea.
  13. Not feeling really thirsty today :)
  14. Somehow getting all my homework done before the deadlines this week.
  15. Knowing just how free I am right now. So free to just be me as long as I allow myself to be so.
  16. Doing whatever I feel like.
  17. Not worrying about R or being attached to that relationship.
  18. Deciding tonight I was going to stop obsessing about dating and just enjoy being alone for a while, I seriously haven't been emotionally single for almost a year now! :S
  19. Buying "Don't Rain on My Parade" finally
  20. Knowing that my campus is a safe haven even when my apartment isn't the most stellar place to be
  21. My music playlist for my blog has been made to perfection. :) Frank Sinatra seems to complete it.
  22. Knowing this weekend is going to ROCK. :)
My sister asked me what aspect of my life didn't suck right now, I didn't know what to tell her last night, so there you go Cah - noe. :)

Current Music: Beautiful Girl - Flight of the Conchords
Mood: optimistic :)
Random Fact About Me: Ridiculously tall guys and guys that look like they are on steroids really really intimidate me. :S

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  1. Good for you with the earphones, don't stand for oppression!