Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We all have ideals, right? What we want our careers to look like. How we want our relationships with friends, family, and roommates to be. What contents we want in our sandwich. The perfect job. The perfect social life. The perfect sandwich.

It's like Plato's Theory of Forms, we all got our own idea of what a perfect chair should look like.

In my day-to-day passing I have discovered that I too have a perception of what's "perfect" for me, an ideal.

According to Plato, we can never truly present our "perfect chairs" because there are flaws in reality, so I decided that I would just make a picture collage so you guys could kind of get an idea of what the "perfect chair" in this ideal kind of looks like...

(In this picture, clockwise starting in top-left: Joseph Gordin Leavitt in Inception, Christian Bale, Phoenix, Passion Pit, Matthew Bellamy of Muse, Jason Mraz, Clark Gable in Gone With the Wind, and Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man (2?) )


Yes, I discovered a freakish correlation between all of my celebrity crushes.

After close observation over my pattern of dreamboat choices, here are the attributes I concluded that I "ideally" like in a man:
  • Dark dark hair that the guy has spent more time working on than I spend on my own hair in the morning
  • Unnaturally high falsetto singing voices (Christian Bale will have to be excused)
  • Five o'clock shadow, extra points to pulling off a stylish mustache
  • A tie, a skinny tie.
  • Ability to incept dreams and create cards at a Hallmark store
  • High foreheads and long noses
  • Financial savvy to save post-war confederate America
  • Weight that might be too low to donate blood
  • Epic running poses in a J.Crew suit
  • Lyrical genius
  • Secret talent to regulate corporation corruption through blowing things up and beating up the CEO's that hide on the other side of the world
But this all reminds me of a favorite quote from (500) Days of Summer that one of Tom's friend's say, "Robin is better than the girl of my dreams, Robin is real."

Hmm....maybe I should resort my priorities.

Because let's be honest, I think I would just freak out if I honestly met somebody who was a combination of all these traits. As awesome as they are, they just don't mesh in the real world.

But if you meet somebody who might fall under any of these categories, be sure to have them call me. ;)


  1. I definitely approve of all of your celebrity crushes :)

  2. "Ability to incept dreams and create cards at a Hallmark store"

    By far my favorite. If you meet a guy who can do these two things-- marry him.