Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post Vegetarianism Evaluation

So I promised I would tell you about what I thought, and haha, I've been off for a while.

This is what I wrote on Jan 31st concerning this topic:

"And so this marks the end of my month of being a "vegetarian". I will honestly admit I did not finish the month so strong. I was craving Arby's for several months when the opportunity arose to go there Saturday night, and then I went to my brother's and had spaghetti and meatballs, lots of meatballs. But here's my synopsis:
  • Shopping is a bit tricky. I was amazed at how many things I found at the supermarket had meat in them. Soup, frozen dinners, you name it! You either have to eat very simply or get creative with what you're going to eat. I chose the simple route.
  • Meat doesn't sound appealing after you go without for a while, only when it was in a mixed dish of veggies and rice or stuff.
  • Meat didn't taste as good when I actually I briefly caved in to it.
  • I had a lot more hypoglycemia battles, it's hard to stay full and find protein in the right places. I could only stand soybeans and beans for so long.
  • I typically forgot I was being a vegetarian, not because of situations that compromised my situation, but rather because it was so easy and felt natural
Yep, but I'm totally cooking a turkey burger for lunch tomorrow to celebrate the end of this crazy thing, time to feel less hungry."

It was good, looking back I think that I still find whole chunks of meat unappealing. I'm basically 2/3rds a vegetarian nowadays.

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