Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Update

Dear World,

I realized a specific type of people come on to my blog to see how I am doing, and I'm very talented at being vague and not sharing absolutely anything with you so here's what happened lately:

  • I moved apartments. Same complex, different building and therefore a different ward (and obviously different roommates). I moved simply because there was many problems within the apartment and I was miserable due to the harrassment I received from them. Therefore I relocated on the issue of being happy and being able to feel comfortable in my own apartment.
  • I absolutely love my new roommates, some were friends from my ward last year and it's great to live somewhere where I can feel comfortable, happy, and be able to have the spirit in my living space. I am glad to say I have abandoned my "survival mode" and am feeling like I am progressing again. And not being judged or criticized all the time, it's quite a wonderful change.
  • I got a new job! I have worked at Subway at BYU for a year and a half now and I decided it was time to relocate myself to somewhere where I could develop new skills and build my resume.
  • I am now a secretary at the BYU International Center for Law and Religious Studies. It's kind of complicated to tell you what exactly I do in my job at the law school but I basically organize the database and projects.
  • Um, I'm 20 pounds thinner since last March. About three sizes and five percent body fat in translation? Yeah. All from running and watching my portions, not too hard, except the half-marathon part.
  • I'm applying to the Communications Public Relations program in September, I'm getting involved with PRSSA and whatever else I can do to build my resume, seeing as that is my goal this year. You will know for sure when I'm accepted.
  • I'm minoring in business and therefore completing the management requirements before the expected time that I can actually take Public Relations classes, so this semester I am enrolled in Management Organizational Writing and Marketing Management classes.
  • Taking Media writing, political science, and Marriage and Family (I always want to call it "how to get married class") as well. These are all great, they are making me a significantly less cynic about media, government, and marriage so that's good. Not that I am much of a cynic, except marriage, but I'm getting better than I was from a previous post.
  • I have no idea what I am doing this summer, various plans are being evaluated and in the making but nothing solid.
  • Everything else is just peachy that I can think of, just getting used to the change :)

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