Saturday, April 23, 2011

So....What now!?!?

Dear World,

Well, friends, this blog here is probably doomed to face a lot less activity because I'll be occupied with something else....My concept/professional blog!

You're thinking, Professional Blog? That's ridiculous! Because being in charge of 3+ blogs didn't seem to be enough for me.

Well, let me explain.

As a PR person if I show my work and show that I can make an effective public blog that gains followers it really helps my resume. And I have some great ideas to showcase the talents of friends who are willing to submit themselves and their work.

It doesn't have a solid name, at this point it's essentially just have the foundational idea placed on it and it's got a long way to go before I launch the Pilot, but once I get it going I'm hoping to be successful with it.

So what else am I going to do?

Well, it's summer, I'm hoping to work and generally be more lazy, so I'll probably not have a lot to talk about. I'm very happy it's summer though, it's about time it came!

Peace out.

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