Friday, August 3, 2012


How come we've reached this fork in the road, and yet it cuts like a knife?

Do you ever feel like all your interests pull you each way?

I sure do.

I have many opportunities coming my way because I don't have a straining class schedule next semester, and a beautiful work schedule on top of that. Needless to say I feel like I will have more available time than I have had in the last year.

My work-o-holic self is burned out right now and wants to focus on having more meaningful relationships. Especially at my last year at BYU, yet my career is budding and all manner of doors are opening up to me.

Either way I will find relationships in whether I choose to create free-time to meet people or I meet people along my career journey. I just feel like sometimes I am torn between choosing dedication for someone or love and dedication for a cause.

Or, in simpler terms, I am trying to decide if I want a social life or a fully-invested career.

I guess I need to ask myself what is the most important thing to be focusing on right now. What will benefit me in the eternal scheme of things? 

To be a girl with only one passion in life would be much simpler than a girl with two or three.

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