Saturday, January 19, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Guys, I'm going to do it again. I'm doing a 30 day blog challenge. Just so you (and myself) can get to know me better.

 Here's the blog posts:

Day 1: Favorite Song
Day 2: Favorite Movie 
Day 3: Favorite Book
Day 4: Favorite TV Program 
Day 5: Favorite Quotation
Day 6: 18 Things People Should Know About You 
Day 7: 5 Things You Couldn’t Possibly Live Without
Day 8: A Letter to the 16 Year Old You 
Day 9: A Photo That You Took
Day 10: What You Want To Be Remembered For 
Day 11: A Photo of You Taken Recently
Day 12: Your Favorite Word From Another Language 
Day 13: A List of 25 Things You Want To Do In Your Life
Day 14: A Place You Want To Spend Your Last Vacation In 
Day 15: Your Worst Habit
Day 16: What Made You Cry Recently? 
Day 17: 5 Things That You Want To Receive For Your Birthday
Day 18: A Time When You Felt Passionate and Alive 
Day 19: A Special Talent of Yours
Day 20: A Song You Want to be Played at Your Wedding 
Day 21: A Website that Made A Big Impact in Your Life
Day 22: A Weird Habit of Yours 
Day 23: List 5 Persons You Want to Spend Your Last Day With
Day 24: Five Songs that are Currently on Top of Your Playlist 
Day 25: List Your 3 Best Bargain Deals
Day 26: Someone You Miss the Most 
Day 27: A Physical Feature that You Love
Day 28: Describe Your Ideal Man/Woman 
Day 29: Your Plans and Goals for the Next 365 Days
Day 30: Why Do You Love Yourself?

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